Christmas 2021: A guide to brighten up your holiday season

Christmas is in the air! The feeling of love, peace, and joy surrounds us. Having friends and family around us is a blessing! Here are a few things you can try to add that sparkle to your celebrations.

Christmas 2021: A guide to brighten up your holiday season

It’s that time of the year again! The Holiday season is upon us. The wonderful feeling of the winter breeze, caroling, decked halls, and the warm embrace of the family is here again. Each year Christmas brings a lot of joy and togetherness to the air. It is a time where we feast, make merry and share the love. We all try our best to make our dear ones loved and happy and indeed it is the season of Love. There are a few things you can do to brighten the festivities around you.

 Rule One: Lights, Lights, and More Lights!

One can never have enough lights during the Christmas season. Deck up your porch with LED lights and you need nothing more. There are different décor items you can make with lights, from the DIY chandelier, bottled hanging lights, wall light Christmas tree, Starlights and so much more.

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Cake to bake

The traditions of Christmas cake dates back to the 15th- 16th century. It comes down from the Englishmen.  In the 16th people celebrated by having something called Christmas porridge. It has a simpler batter to that of a cake. Later it turned into the traditional cake that we know now. There is always space to change up the traditional cake.

Try these ideas this year

Christmas Caroling

Caroling was an oral tradition used to communicate and it was not necessarily limited to this season. Later, travelers went door to door to give greetings of the festivities. Due to the cold climate, the home dwellers offered them spiced hot beverages. The singing and dancing eventually evolved from this. Caroling around the city with family and friends is one of the best feelings during the holidays. Enjoying the snowy weather, the hot chocolate, singing, and making merry are a few things that keep the Christmas spirit alive.  

Wine and Dine 

Wine is not just to keep the cold in check but also to keep the jolly mood in check. A glass of lightly warmed, spiced wine can surely turn things into a carnival. There is always an option to come up with homemade wines or even family recipes of wines. It adds a personal touch and you can customize your tonic.

Easy wine recipes


Brunch on a cold winter afternoon with your near and dear ones has to be the highlight during the festivities. The bountiful feast laid out on the table will surely ensure that you gain a few pounds. Chicken roast, Lamb chops, wine, cheese, and what not! If you are planning a lunch menu, here are a few ideas you can try out

In the words of Alexander Smith "Christmas is the day that holds all time together." Hope this season of love brings joy and peace to you and your family. It is all about coming together and spending some quality time with them. Above all, it is the holiday season! Be glad and make merry!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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