Easy Home Decor Ideas, make your personal space interesting!

Make changes to your personal space and it will brighten up your home. Here are a few cost-effective, eco-friendly and effortless home décor ideas that will surely draw you inspiration.

Easy Home Decor Ideas, make your personal space interesting!

Are you bored of your personal space? Do you want to change up things around your home? Do you look for inspiration and calm in your home decor? Then you are in the right place! Home is our happy place and it should look and feel like one. The outbreak of pandemic has confined us to our homes' cozy spaces, and with this, it is a great opportunity to reinvent your spaces. It is said decorating golden rule: Live with what you love. Redecoration can be expensive and tedious. Did you know? A few changes you can make that will brighten up your personal space. Here are a few cost-effective, eco-friendly and effortless interior décor ideas that will surely draw you inspiration.

Wall paint for home decor

The best way to bring change into your room is to get your walls painted. Walls play a major role in how you style your home. The color, theme, and design set the mood of the room. You can try a wide range of options. If you wanted to play bold, trying out patterns and textures will add playfulness to the room. If the room is small, try light colors to given an effect of more space. Accentuate one side of the wall to add drama and character to the room. Try out a monochrome wall theme and one color of surprise. It immediately captures the eye.


Apart from regulating sunlight and privacy, curtains add character and beauty to the room and are an essential part of home decor. The selection of curtains decides the amount of natural light, the subtlety of the room, etc. Once you have decided on the central theme of the room and the color scheme it is easier to select the curtains. You can choose the style of the curtains; layered curtains are in fashion now. These curtains are best to create different moods in the room and also change up when needed. If you choose monochromatic, go-to shades and hues of the same color. Using lace and net fabric will add fragility and femininity to the room.


Lighting is a major element of designing. It enhances and transforms the space around you. Natural light plays a big role in brightening the space. Strategically place your furniture to accommodate and give way for natural lighting. Have space for the light to enter. Apart from natural light, ceiling lights, accent lights, and focused lights add to the room. You can make the place artsy with Turkish lanterns, fairy lights, and bottled lights. They make space more personal and cozy.  


Be it photo frames or paintings, frames add life and experience to the room. This is where you can your personality to the room. Photos of loved ones or trips can tell a lot about you. Fairy light photo collages have become very popular; they are an inexpensive way of uplifting the whole mood of the room. Symmetrical photo frames are a great choice for a sophisticated look.


There is nothing better, cheaper than using house plants for interior decoration. They are not just beautiful but great for oxygen levels indoors. They add color even to a dull room, making it more colorful. Houseplants are easy to maintain.


The furniture would be according to the theme of the room and should posse similarity with the rest of the house. Another aspect to keep in mind is that the era and style of furniture should go with the room. A focused piece of furniture will enhance the feel of the room. All the other pieces of furniture should be placed around it. The accent pieces such as a lounge sofa or a liquor cellar. Make sure it complements the room.  

These are a few areas you can work on to bring in some personality and color into the room. They are affordable and are sure to cheer up your place.

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