Five Asian countries open to travel during COVID 19: Travel Guidelines

If you are someone who is tired of staying home and traveling is on your mind, check out how and where to travel during COVID.

Five Asian countries open to travel during COVID 19: Travel Guidelines

COVID 19 has robbed most of us of our travel plans for a long now. With the second wave behind and the vaccine drive in full swing, we can think of traveling again. Few countries have opened up for tourism with strict rules in place. It is best to plan travel if you are already vaccinated and not in the risk age group. Keep in mind, COVID can be deadly. Take all precautions before and while traveling. The countries are divided into four categories according to the severity of COVID; avoid traveling to countries that are ranked level 4. There are a few countries that have requirements for quarantine if you travel. Yet there are a few countries you can travel to with ease. If you are someone who is tired of staying home and traveling is on your mind, check out how and where to travel during COVID.


This is a beautiful south Asian Island country. This country is 2000km from India and one of the most loved holiday destinations. From beautiful blue water to the underwater world, everything is spectacular.  One can travel easily by air or water. If you are an explorer, the waterways should definitely be on your must-do list. In the light of COVID 19 Maldives has laid down strict rules for COVID 19.   

Visa on arrival has been opened from July 15th, 2021

No mandatory Quarantine

PCR test is compulsory

For more details


This scenic beauty situated on the tranquil Himalayas is on the bucket list of every trekker. Nepal is approximately 1000 km from India. One can reach Nepal easily by road or air. Nepal is frequently visited by climbers as the Everest base camp is situated there. The best part is there is no requirement for a visa to visit Nepal. There are a lot of tourist locations such as Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan National Park, etc. Though tourism is allowed in Nepal, the country is level 4 in terms of COVID 19. Here are few rules to keep in mind while traveling to Nepal

A traveler traveling to Nepal should have a COVID report from not less than 72 hours.

Proof of 7 days booking for quarantine facility.

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This Metropolitan sandy holiday destination has become a favorite tourism spot for us Indians. They Meharaba (Welcome) everyone with open arms. It is one of the seven emirates.  The Bedouin and the fisherman culture reflect on every street corner. The distance between India and Dubai is 2500 km and can easily reach by air from any part of India. Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall and Jumeriah Beach, etc. are great spots to explore Dubai was the first country to open for tourism after the first wave of COVID. They are flexible with tourists. One can avail visa on arrival in Dubai. Here are a few pointers if you are traveling to Dubai.

COVID test is mandatory within 72 hours.

Mandatory to download ALHOSN UAE App.

Compulsory PCR Test on arrival.

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Laos is a mountainscape, a French colonized the country in the southern part of Asia. This country shares borders with Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The ancient culture of the country will surely immerse you in a tradition-rich experience. The Buddhist temples and the architecture should be on your must-explore list. This country is famous for its rice cultivation. Indians can apply for visas on arrival. Here are few pointers if you are planning to travel to Laos.

A negative PCR report is a must.

14 days quarantine on arrival is mandatory.

Health declaration on arrival.    

Travel Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. The sandy beaches and the adventure sports draw tourists here. The market and the nightlife is worth your experience. Thailand is also famous for luxurious spas and massage centers. The floating market in Bangkok is one of its kind. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are planning to travel to Thailand.

Negative PCR test within 72 hours

Passenger testing on arrival

Compulsory Quarantine for 14 days

It is best to travel during this time even with travel open with some precautionary measures. Even if you make plans, make sure to follow all safety guidelines. It is said to travel is therapy, therefore travel, explore and learn! Happy Travelling!

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