Six Healthy-Eating Resolutions for the New Year 2022 for everyone!

Eating healthy should always be an agenda. If you have not yet adapted to this, New year is a great time to turn things around. These healthy eating resolutions will keep you fit in 2022.

Six Healthy-Eating Resolutions for the New Year 2022 for everyone!

We all had a bitter-sweet 2021 and are eagerly looking forward to the coming New Year. A lot of us might have already thought of a few resolutions and commitments to follow in the coming year. The past two years have repeatedly taught us the importance of health. With COVID still having a tight grip on the world around us, it is vital for us to take care of our health. Eating right and a good hour of exercise each day helps us stay active and fit. Apart from what we eat, how we eat also matters. We seldom talk about our eating habits. Proper eating habits boost digestive health and also our overall health.

Here are a few good eating habits that one must follow for improved overall health.

Pace your meals

The pace of your food intake reflects on your body. According to research, it takes a few minutes for your brain to realize that you are full. Eating fast might just cause you to eat more than you intended. Eating fast can also be associated with poor chewing. Proper chewing helps break down food better. It also helps you pace your food intake.

Drinking water during meals

Drinking water during the meal is frowned upon for all the right reasons. According to research drinking water during eating can cause digestive trouble. While eating, our stomach releases digestive juices that help in breaking down food. Drinking water during meals will dilute these juices which can lead to acid flux and heartburn. The best practice is to drink water half an hour before or after the meal.

Pump up the Protein this New year

Protein plays a pivotal role in necessary body functions. It acts as a building block in our body. Including Protein in your diet; will keep your body in good health. Protein is easily found in meat, eggs, and seeds. Protein-rich foods such as eggs, almonds, chicken, oats, yogurt, and cheese, etc. should be a part of your diet for healthy living.

Breakfast is King

Breakfast is responsible for your body getting going each day. If you enjoy an energetic and upbeat day, breakfast is a must. It gets your metabolism kicking. Make sure to have a big meal and include protein and fiber-rich food. This should be the largest meal of the day.

Chew them right

 It is said that one should chew food 32 times for a good digestive process. Improper chewing of food has been associated with weight gain, choking, indigestion and overeating. Practice makes perfect! All you have to do is put in mindful eating and soon it will become a habit. Focus on eating while eating – this is the key!

A big no to fast food

The fast-food craving cannot be ignored. The ongoing battle to avoid fast food for many is a pain. As luring as it may seem, it has a bad impact on your health. The oil and spice can mess up the digestive system. It can have other health impacts as well. The water and oil are unhygienic in most places. It is hard to keep your mind off fast food; it is ok to cheat once in a while.

These are a few tips that will help keep your digestive system happy. With so much attention drawn towards health, these small changes will make a big difference.

A very happy and healthy New year!

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