Adjustable Stainless Steel Hose Clamp, 19mm Pack of 9

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  • HIGH QUALITY– The whole hose clamp (including the band, housing, and screw) are all made of premium heavy-duty stainless steel material. Pipe tightening clamps are sturdy, strong, and reliable. Hose clamps attach hoses pipe joints to fittings to prevent flow leakage.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE – Clamp kits are flexible and ductile with a wide adjustable size range from 19 mm to 24mm. These 3/4 inch clamps fit small hoses.
  • WIDELY USED– Hose clamp with knob is used in securing hoses, pipe.
  • Package includes 9 Pcs 3/4 inch hose clamp ring.

Integrated Gas Technologies is a gas control equipment company excelling in manufacturing and marketing of LPG cylinder regulators, cylinder valves and equipment accessories. With Excess flow cut-off value- Automatically detects the leak and shuts the gas flow to the appliance.It facilitates leak detection and indicates when to refill the cylinder.Its facilitates leak tight connection on the cylinder.It seals minor leak from the cylinder valve and Facilitates clean LPG to the appliances.



Detect any gas leak BEFORE gas appliance is ignited Indicate your cylinders low gas level 1-2 hours/1 day before it runs dry of gas.


Push Locking gives better locking with the valve and double locking prevents accidental removal.


Designed to automatically shut-off the delivery of gas in a line if the flow exceeds a preset limit and auto cutoff gas in case of major leakage.

3 reviews for Adjustable Stainless Steel Hose Clamp, 19mm Pack of 9

  1. David

    quality product.

  2. naina

    the material of the clamp is very good and supportive

  3. naina

    the material of the clamp is very and supportive

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