IGT Gas Safety Device with Gas Hose Pipe for All Domestic Cylinders

(18 customer reviews)

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  • Domestic Cylinders: only(26mm).
  • Excess Flow Cutoff: Automatic shutoff gas when a hosepipe is a Damage/Rupture
  • Leak and Level Indicator: Detect any gas leak before gas appliances are ignited(gas leak from the pipe) and Indicate your cylinders low gas level
  • Advance Lock Systems: Push locking gives better locking with the valve
  • Dual Gas Sealed Technology: Facilitates leak-tight connection on the cylinder
  • Warranty:  Domestic 5 Years replacement warranty.
  • European standards: Design and Manufactured under European standards.
  • Insurance:  Product Liability Insurance up to 10 Cr.

Integrated Gas Technologies is a gas control equipment company excelling in manufacturing and marketing of LPG cylinder regulators, cylinder valves and equipment accessories. With Excess flow cut-off value- Automatically detects the leak and shuts the gas flow to the appliance.It facilitates leak detection and indicates when to refill the cylinder.Its facilitates leak tight connection on the cylinder.It seals minor leak from the cylinder valve and Facilitates clean LPG to the appliances.



Detect any gas leak BEFORE gas appliance is ignited Indicate your cylinders low gas level 1-2 hours/1 day before it runs dry of gas.


Push Locking gives better locking with the valve and double locking prevents accidental removal.


Designed to automatically shut-off the delivery of gas in a line if the flow exceeds a preset limit and auto cutoff gas in case of major leakage.

18 reviews for IGT Gas Safety Device with Gas Hose Pipe for All Domestic Cylinders

  1. Deepika

    I am using IGT safety device since 4 yrs and it’s working great… I m happy to say that its advance safety featuress helps me to keep my family safe against lpg mishaps.

  2. Spandana singh

    It is a very good investment. The gas that you save up in the year makes it worth it. I have been using it for 2 years and I have not faced a single issue. I have recommended to all my friends.

  3. Adil Qureshi2468

    The product is useful, but was expecting something better. Safety-wise a good choice.

  4. Ravi Kishan

    My mom loves the product. We have been using it for 1 year. You will save a lot on gas.

  5. Suresh Babu

    The product has made a difference as i save a lot on gas. But i feel it should come in different colours.

  6. Shreya Sharma

    I got 40% off on the website on the purchase of IGT Gas Safety Device. The installation was hassle-free. So far the product works fine.

  7. Khandhel Walria

    I bought the safety device from the website and go a good discount as compared to other sites. The product came in good packaging.

  8. Amit Singh

    The product is okayish, I like the packaging. It fits well with my gas cylinder.

  9. laxmi reddy

    The product is so much cheaper over here; the customer service is very prompt. The safety device works great! My mom is happy with it.

  10. C H Padmaja

    I love the product, it is very user-friendly and easy to install. It comes in compact packaging. Over-all it is worth every penny.

  11. venkentesh rao

    The product was delivered fast. It fits well on my gas cylinder.

  12. sai madhu

    The website offers a good deal compared to other online platforms. I got 50% off my purchase. I am happy with my buy.

  13. Rohan parv

    The package comes with detailed instructions of installation, easy to understand and install.

  14. Preeti reddy

    Very good packaging, great for kitchen safety. The delivery is really quick. It is a good product

  15. Ashwin

    great combo, completes my kitchen

  16. Shashank kulkarni

    Product is good. Easy to install.No need to buy regulator separately.

  17. Sunita Singh

    the features of the regulator is very unique, pipe is also good quality

  18. Aman Kumar

    a safety combo which every house should have

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